Pole Pruner

This course will provide you with the appropriate techniques and safety guidelines to ensure that you are not only confident when using a powered pole pruner but also aware of relevant health and safety guidelines.


Course Content


·       Personal protective equipment

·       Safety and health features of a pruning saw

·       Maintenance and sharpening of a pruning saw

·       Fuelling and starting a pruning saw and performing pre-cutting checks

·       Adjusting the engine

·       On site risk assessments

·       Pruning and cutting techniques

·       Removing a trapped saw

·       Clearing the site and pruning saw checks

This a 2-day course for novices, or a 1-day course for experienced operators, with integrated assessment by the instructor. This Lantra Certificate of Competence is recognised by the HSE, but if candidates wish to gain an NPTC Certificate of Competence the Lantra Training they have received should equip them to pass the NPTC assessment.


Prerequisites : There are no pre-requisites needed for this course.