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Aerial Pruning of a

Tree &

Aerial Tree Rigging

Aerial Pruning

This two day field based course is aimed at climbing arborists looking to improve their understanding of pruning techniques in line with current industry good practice, specifically BS3998, or any arborist looking to achieve an industry recognised qualification in the aerial pruning of trees.

This course has been developed to give the candidates a better understanding of how, where, when and why tree pruning may be required, or not!

Aerial Tree Rigging

This 3 day dismantling and rigging course will explain how to properly evaluate trees for hazards, as well as performing an assessment of working at height. This will then help to identify the correct selection of rigging equipment to be used and the safe removal of tree sections using the suitable rigging and appropriate cuts.



  • The 201 & 202 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting (CS30), 203 Award in Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm (CS31) 

  • The 206 & 306 Award in Tree Climbing and Rescue (CS38)

  • The 308 Award in Aerial Cutting of Trees Using Freefall Techniques (CS39)